About us

Futuro Valdivia is an Ecuadorian foundation started in 2007 by German nurse Monika Steffel and Swedish economist Jan Smedmyr, both dedicated professionals with many years of working and living in Ecuador.

The foundation is registered with the Ministerio de Inclusión Economica y Social.

Futuro means future and Valdivia is one of the oldest cultures on the American continent, documented since 4000 BC. The Valdivia region on the Pacific Coast is considered an area of extreme poverty by UN / WHO.

Futuro Valdivia is making efforts for a better tomorrow.



Futuro Valdivia Travel was started following requests from organisations and groups wishing to travel while supporting local initiatives. You can experience Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia while connecting with the local culture at www.futurovaldivia-travel.com. The profits raised from this activity are directly reinvested in health care and social programs at Futuro Valdivia.