Creciendo feliz – Happy childhood

Creciendo Feliz / Happy Childhood, a child nutrition program, has been supporting children at risk since 2009. The program supports, on average, about 50 children under the age of three, dependant on funding availability. Participating children have a monthly check-up with the pediatrician and receive food supplements according to the doctor´s prescription. Enrollment to the program is limited to under the age of three due to funding. Our goal would be to expand the program to allow support until five years of age, as per guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO). See Help us help!

UN / WHO states an malnourished child today will be a poor adult tomorrow. Nutrition allows for cerebral and physical growth, both essential building blocks to a healthy adult. Medical students from Yale, USA, evaluated the program during 10 weeks in 2014. The first sentence of the report says, ”The program works. Continue!”

If you are interested in the report, you find it here: Creciendo Feliz Evaluation Plan