Environmental projects

Inauguration of the first EcoSanitario in Barcelona

EcoSanitario – Severe water shortage and the absence of sewage systems in many areas of Ecuador have motivated us to introduce a long term composting toilet that uses no water and produces an excellent liquid fertilizer as the final product.

The first installations in Ecuador were made in December 2015 – January 2016.

If you are interested in how the toilet works you find more information on www.compostera.eu


Biogas – Ecuador produces large quantities of organic material that are not put to good use. A demo plant for biogas production was installed late 2015 and will be promoted nationwide by our organization. The country is about to eliminate the subsidies for liquid petrolum gas (propane or butane): companies, farms, restaurants with continous production of organic waste material are starting to show interest in this alternative solution.

Oil spill – As an oil producing country, Ecuador has experienced oil spills in the Amazon oil production area, along pipelines and in harbours, as well as at filling and service stations. Futuro Valdivia has started promoting an enviromental friendly absorber that assists in effecient neutralization and clean up of spills.

Environmental projects are executed with Taller Industrial Ponce, Montecristi, and local partners.