Medical centre in San Pedro

Since March 2009, Futuro Valdivia Health Centre in San Pedro / Valdivia offers health and community social services to approximately 40,000 people living in about 25 villages within the region.

Monika Steffel in the pharmacy

Monika Steffel, resident since 1991, manages health care services, which consist of general and pediatric medicine, obstetrics, ultra sound, laboratory and pharmacy. The local team of professionals offers full services and volunteer physicians from Guayaquil and other cities complete medical exams. Cardiologists, neurologist and endocrinologist visit every other month. Patients are charged a nominal patient fee for quality services that, in turn, contribute to the financial support of the centre.

Opening hours monday to friday 8 am – 4 pm

Phone: 0059342949101 and 00593989631698 (only Spanish)
For general information please contact us at